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Classroom Schedules

Baby Butterflies & Tiny Turtles (6 weeks - 12 months)

In the infant room all of the children are on their own schedule.  We thrive on trying to make an environment as close to home as we can.  We ask you to write down a small summary of how your child’s day at home goes including nap and feeding times.  We will try to follow this summary as close as possible and adjust it as your child grows.


We follow a lesson plan incorporating the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards. Lessons include developing sensory skills, motor skills, holiday themes, and listening to both books and music.  We work on the early stages of developing children’s vocabulary by showing the children pictures and repeating the corresponding name of the object in the picture. If you are using sign language and that is something you would like to continue in the infant classroom to help your child communicate, we would be happy to help in that process.


We cater to each child’s individual abilities in an effort to further develop every child in the room. Your child may need help rolling over, sitting up, feeding themselves, and we will practice those skills daily to reach those milestones. We also do self-expression art where the children have the freedom to create their own. Most of our projects consist of hands and feet, but we are creative and I am sure you will love all your presents.


All linens, sleepers, spoons, bowls, and wipes are provided.  Once your child is on solid food, we will also provide breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack. 


Items you will need to provide:

* Breast milk or formula (we have a refrigerator as well as a warmer)
* Bottles (please take them home if not daily, weekly for a proper washing)
* Jar foods
* Diapers
* Diaper cream
* Two spare outfits- weather appropriate 

**All medicines, including diaper cream need a current medication log on file.


We do go outside- be sure your child has a jacket and if they are a walker some sturdy shoes.  We enjoy taking walks in the strollers and getting fresh air on the playground.





Gentle Giraffes and Perky Penguins (1 year - 1 ½ years)


School is an exciting milestone in your child’s life. Your child is embarking on a journey that will lead them on many roads of discovery and learning. Your children will continue to grow as they move forward. We have set some expectations and goals to work on throughout this year.


We are learning how to share and be kind to all of our friends inside and outside of the classroom. We practice drinking out of a plastic cup and using utensils properly which encourages fine motor skills. Every morning we have breakfast and then do circle time. At circle time, we read books, sing songs, dance and learn different lessons, such as colors, shapes and numbers. After circle time, we have free play and then go outside on the playground. After outside time, we come in and have lunch. When lunch is over, we take a nap until 2:30 P.M. After nap, we have snack, learn through play, and then have outside time.


The children are also taught to use their words such as ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘help me’ and ‘more’ among other words. We build our fine motor skills by stacking & building with blocks, completing puzzles, and linking toys. We focus on our large motor skills while outside where we climb and run on the playground. Most children in this class are just learning to walk so we practice that as well. Once or twice a week we have an arts and crafts activity which includes coloring, finger painting, stamping, and other activities. 


Lucky Ladybugs and Kuddly Koalas  (1 ½- 2 years old)

We are excited for all we have planned and what each child will bring to our class. We aim to meet the individual needs of the children to help them achieve the overall expectations we have in this class. 


Some of the transitional goals when moving up from the previous class are to begin using regular cups (not sippy), to try a bite of all food items offered for a well-balanced meal, to use utensils for meal time and to have children using their words to express themselves and their needs using simple phrases. 


Aside from those goals, we are always working on leading the children to make good decisions, whether that is helping their friends or encouraging apologies. We aim to show children a gentle and kind approach to solving conflicts.


As in years past we have lessons based around seasons, holidays, and the fundamental education that a toddler needs. All of our lessons are created to teach and work on the milestones that every child at this age should be meeting.



Happy Hound Dogs and Huggy Bears (2 year olds)

We work on and learn a variety of things throughout our year. We will begin learning and identifying colors, shapes, numbers, letters and our names. Each morning we have circle time where we practice our language skills by encouraging discussions about our families, experiences, the stories we read and singing songs. We work with the children so they can express their needs, emotions and wants. As they begin to show interest, we will start potty training and work on getting them into ‘big kid underwear’. 


Each day your children will create art that coordinates with our themes. Our daily learning activities our designed to meet the milestones that two year olds should be meeting. Like each classroom, our lessons correlate with the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards. We work on our large motor skills both indoors and outdoors by running, climbing, jumping, exercising and dancing. Throughout the day we will reinforce social skills by encouraging and demonstrating sharing and using words.


Friendly Fireflies and Bouncing Bunnies (3-4 year olds)


Our day begins with learning through play until breakfast at 8:30 A.M. After breakfast, we have circle time which includes songs, the calendar, the weather, different seasons, colors, shapes, and discussions about what the children do outside of school. After circle time we do a learning activity and an art activity based on the theme of the week. Learning activities include tracing letters, practice cutting with scissors, matching letters or numbers, etc.


We do a lot of open ended art projects so the children can decide what they want to make and explain to us what it is. A few times a week we do a science activity and learn about health and nutrition, etc.


We have exercise class once a week and go to Performing Arts class where we work on building our confidence through acting, singing and dance. 


In the coming year we will continue with our themes including seasons and holidays. We will focus on fine motor skills such as lacing, holding a pencil/crayon, cutting with scissors, etc. We work on our large motor skills by balancing, skipping, running, climbing and dancing. We work to improve our length of paying attention by focusing at circle time. Answering questions (not just yes/no) and joining in class discussions is something that is encouraged all day long. 



Dazzling Dinos, Dino Den & Barnyard Friends (4-5-6 year olds, up to 2nd grade at Franklin Commons)



Our primary goal in the Dinos classroom is to prepare our children academically, socially and emotionally for Kindergarten. We have structured our daily activities to ensure that all of these needs are addressed. The children begin each morning with free-choice play in various centers. During this time, they may develop motor skills by doing puzzles or building with blocks. Others may choose the dramatic play area where they experiment with different social roles. Still others may decide to paint or draw in the art center. This playtime is an excellent opportunity for the children to develop socially and emotionally as they practice sharing, taking turns, and solving conflict.


The morning continues with circle time where children learn months, days of the week, and counting. We also discuss the weather and temperature and read stories. During this time the children are able to choose a job in the classroom that they would like to help with that day. We believe this fosters a sense of responsibility and pride.


After playing at the park, we return to the classroom for a learning experience. We have many topics to focus on this year including: sounds and formation of letters, number identification and counting, writing our names, and identifying shapes. We also have lots of seasonal learning opportunities. We use various strategies for teaching, such as through music, art and games. During the school year, we have yoga class once a week. 


Included in our daily schedule, after lunch and nap, is a science lesson. The children look forward to this experience as a time to experiment and have fun learning something new. 


After science, while the Dinos are playing at the park, the Barnyard Friends return from school, have snack and work on their homework. Once their homework is completed, they may play in a center of their choice. When the Dinos return from the park they may also join in free-choice play.


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