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I am a working mother with two children and I send them to PACLC, because the entire staff is very kind and patient. I must mention that the employees are understanding and sensitive to the needs of myself and my children.

Adria H.

Our two girls LOVE going to PACLC, it is a very warm, inviting place. They learn a lot while having fun, just a great environment ! 

Steve P.

We send the twins there because we looked into a lot of locations and speaking with our neighbors and friends PACLC was recommended by everyone. Also, after touring and meeting the staff some of our reservations about utilizing an Early Learning Center over in home care were put to rest. We love PACLC.

Jennifer R.

The Learning Center is truly a home away from home for my kids. Through field trips, the arts, and physical activity, PACLC provides more than just childcare.  Also, the history of low turnover rates of skilled teachers provides consistency for the kids to build bonds and feel like they are with family.

Jessica W.

We started sending our two boys to PACLC because we liked the fact that a lot of the staff has been here for a long time.  I feel it says a lot when the turnaround for the staff is low.   We also like that breakfast is offered.  Some mornings are so crazy for us and it’s nice to know that they can get a nutritious breakfast when they arrive.

Beth C.

Our 2 year old twins have been attending PACLC since they were 6 months old. Sending them here has been the best decision we've made. Not only is it convenient, but all of the teachers truly love the kids. Our kids go in the morning with a smile on their face and are still smiling when we pick them up in the afternoon. There is clear and consistent communication between the director and parents through emails, newsletters and the Facebook page. We are so happy with the choice we have made in sending our children to Phoenixville Area Children's Learning Center. 

Gen & John F.

Bringing my kids to the Learning Center is like bring them to a friend's house for a play date while I'm at work, it feels like home! Taken care of with love and a home cooked meal!Knowing my kids are getting a hot meal for lunch everyday makes life easier. Who knew my kids liked salad? 

Katie C.

We chose PACLC because it felt like home to us, and it's where we wanted our daughter to spend her time. Every day she is excited to get there, and every day we're excited (and impressed) by how much she's learned. We can't imagine a better place for her. 

Kate R.

You do the most with the children, such as field trips, child of the month, birthday recognition.  The teachers are great & treat the children as their own & have a great teaching program.  I love the security & I feel safe that my child is at PACLC. There are so many wonderful things to say, I would not have chosen any other daycare facility.

Nicole F.

My son  attends PACLC and he has loved it ever since the first day. His teachers are wonderful and they are very connected to every child in their classroom. He has learned so much and has excelled in every aspect since he started here. PACLC is like a family and that is what sets it apart from every other facility I have ever been to in terms of looking for a daycare. Every teacher knows every child and it makes the transition into other classrooms easier for the child. I am very happy to be apart of this family and very happy that my child gets to have this experience.

Amy M.

PACLC has been a very positive experience.  What I love most are the teachers.  They are compassionate, capable, and some of the most patient people I have met!  Many of them have been working there since before I starting bringing my daughter, almost 5 years ago.  I think their ability to keep the good teachers speaks volumes about PACLC’s reputation. 

Erin M.

P...patience/A...attentive/C...caring/L...loving/C...compassionate is how I would describe the learning center.  My kids range in age from 18 to 5 and PACLC is by far THE BEST daycare/preschool setting I have had! 

Mary B.

We love PACLC because the staff members are very conscientious and compassionate. Our child receives much personal attention and guidance in addition to nutritious meals and a lot of fun activities. Our child has truly thrived and developed in many ways since starting at PACLC. As parents, we receive excellent feedback as well as wonderful artwork created by our child. 

Winni F.

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